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Picture this. You’re out for an evening to forget. You look great, you feel great, and you want a cocktail to match the exciting and decadent mood. Cue the pornstar martini. Then it arrives and you remember that it comes with that floating piece of fruit and the sparkling sidecar shot. What do you do? Pour the prosecco in? Down it in one? Should you fish out that passionfruit half or leave it floating in the drink? Fear not. If you’ve always wondered how to drink a pornstar martini in the right way then read on!

How to drink a pornstar martini

The below information is based directly on guidance from the cocktail’s creator, Douglas Ankrah. You can’t get more reliable than that.

1. Scoop out the passionfruit half with a spoon and place it in your palm (use a napkin). Then use the spoon to eat the pulp and seeds. Discard the passionfruit rind.

2. Consume the martini and every once in a while take a sip of the prosecco, as a palate cleanser.

Naturally, whatever you do, you have to take the obligatory Insta/tik-tok/Facebook shot first.

“Do not ever, ever, ever, commit the original sin of putting the prosecco in the martini”

Douglas Ankrah, July 2021

Ankrah further comments that you shouldn’t shoot the prosecco either, and describes the experience of a pornstar martini as essentially, ‘2 drinks in 1’.

Want to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth? You can check out this video he made all about the cocktail on the Bartenders Broadcast Network channel. Jump to 18:50 for his masterclass on how to drink the martini. Sadly, Ankrah passed away around 2 weeks after this video was made, leaving a real hole in the drinks industry, and setting this advice in stone to forever remain unchanged.

Placing a passionfruit on a pornstar martini

What is a pornstar martini anyway?

The pornstar martini is a popular cocktail that originates from London. The drink was invented by bartender Douglas Ankrah in the early 2000s, and it has since become a staple on bar menus around the world. After creating the drink he stated that it was bold and provocative, something that a porn star would order!

The Pornstar Martini is both sweet and strong. It is made with vodka, passion fruit liquor, vanilla, and lime juice. It is typically served in a coupe glass with a shot of prosecco or champagne on the side. Despite the name, it is not actually a martini. Which would require vermouth or gin among the ingredients.

How do you make it at home?

If you’re a big Pornstar Martini fan, why not try your hand at making one yourself? With a bit of practice and the right tools, it’s surprisingly easy to create this delicious and innovative drink from the comfort of your own kitchen. Here are two easy recipes for a hard and a virgin option:

The above recipes also include ingredient variations so you can adapt your drink based on what you have available.

Pornstar martini ready to drink with bottle of prosecco

Looking for more great home cocktail recipes? Try:

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