If you’ve navigated to this page you are probably wondering what this section of the blog is all about!

I realised that I spend an inordinate amount of time looking for ingredients in Dubai. When you are an expat there are often things that you are used to cooking with from back home. Since every country has their individual food ‘trends’ and preferences – so you’ll find some things in abundance and some things not at all in any given place. 

Dubai is great as it is a real melting pot of different cultures. As the UAE’s population contains around 85% expats, you will find supermarkets and restaurant chains from all over the world to cater for all the different needs. That doesn’t, however, make it easy to find everything.

As of yet, there hasn’t been anything that I’ve simply not been able to find or at least find a suitable alternative for. So I thought that as I scour Dubai’s many supermarkets I will create a place to log where I’ve seen the ‘harder’ to find items so that hopefully I can help other people when they search.

Here is the list of things I’ve searched for to date:

Where to find Clotted Cream in Duabi

Where to buy authentic English clotted cream in Dubai…

Where to buy treacle in Dubai

Where to buy British Treacle in Dubai?

Poached Egg Avocado Muffin

Where to buy English Muffins in Dubai

Find where you can buy English Muffins in Dubai