Last updated: 4th February 2020

Treacle – that beautiful, dark, sticky substance. It’s a through and through British product and a staple for so many great English treats like parkin & toffee.

So can you find treacle in Dubai? I could NOT… Of course my first attempts were at Waitrose and Choithrams (since they stock a lot of British/Tesco products). I also tried Spinny’s & M&S Food and finally Carrefour (which I didn’t hold much hope for anyway).

So what did I do? Treacle is actually just a British version of molasses. So, after a little research I found that buying a dark, unsulphered version would give me similar results to British Treacle. So I picked up this Grandma’s Brand Molasses from Choithrams. Honestly, I could not tell the difference. It’s a little pricey (20 AED – which is around £4 – not great since a tin of treacle is £1.35 on Tesco’s website, but I think this product is an American import). Anyway, it will last me a while so I took the plunge.


Looking around more – as molasses are very common in Middle East cooking – you can find different brands and varieties of molasses all over Dubai. So you could go for a different, cheaper brand and probably pay around 10 AED. I just wanted to make sure that I had something as close as possible to British treacle, which I definitely got with the brand I purchased. I’ve not tried the others to compare. 

Got some treacle or molasses? Try this recipe:

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