I’ve had a lot of great Christmas recipes cooking in the kitchen the last few weeks and it’s been great fun sharing the best ones with you. I’m taking on the role of Head Chef this Christmas day when I’ll be visiting family back home in the UK. So plenty of testing and planning has been a must!

I thought it would be great to do a round up of what recipes have definitely made the cut for me and will definitely be featuring in my recipe planning this festive season. Here are my Top 10 Christmas Recipe Ideas!

So, here you have it. I hope you enjoy them. I’d love to know what your favourite Christmas recipes are and what you’ll be cooking this year – let me know in the comments!

1. Best For: A Healthy Start To The Day

This Slow Cooker Feta Shakshuka is the perfect breakfast – packed with iron rich tomatoes and onion, and protein packed eggs. It comes in at less than 300 calories, even less if you omit the cheese.

2. Best For: A Super Impressive Looking Dessert

This Grapefruit Filled Sorbet is an amazing desert – it looks and tastes great! It will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth, but is only 150 calories. Winner!

3. Best For: When You REALLY Want That Takeaway

You would not believe that this Healthy Chicken Korma comes in at only 250 calories. Replacing cream with low fat yogurt and using lean chicken breast, you can enjoy this guilt free.

4. Best For: A Massively Filling Low Carb Meal – Keto Friendly!

This Tuna Bacon Coleslaw Salad packs it in in terms of protein – bacon, tuna and eggs. It will keep you going for HOURS. Despite being super filling it is super low in calories (only 320) and carbs.

5. Best For: Guilt Free Snacking

These Cinnamon Apple Crisps (or chips for my American friends) are absolutely gorgeous. So much better than eating a plain old apple, yet without any added calories or fat. You seriously feel like you are eating something as good as (or better than) regular crisps!

6. Best For: A Super Healthy, Super Easy, Midweek Dinner

Planning and prep is key to stop that urge to reach for unhealthy foods, or to order takeaway. It’s much easier to make healthy decisions when the excuse of ‘I can’t be bothered to cook’ is taken away. You can prep these Salmon & Fennel Foil Packets in advance and pop them in the oven when you are ready to eat. And they taste great!

7. Best For: Satisfying Those Chocolate Cravings

These Frozen Chocolate Banana Lollies offer up healthy fruit with a little chocolate to help satisfy the cravings. They come in at only 150 calories but are delicious and creamy! You’ll never look back to full fat ice cream again!

8. Best For: A Healthy Lazy Weekend Brunch

Lie ins, watching films during the day and brunch – weekend staples. Don’t eat your entire weekly calorie allowance on Saturday morning – try this Healthy Breakfast Stack which is delicious, filling and still feels indulgent.

9. Best For: When You Want A Well Balanced Meal Waiting For You At Home

These Slow Cooker Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers are a fantastic meal – with lean protein from the chicken, brown rice and loads of flavoursome veg including artichoke hearts, olives and, of course, peppers. Pop them in the slow cooker and they will be waiting for your return! Only 550 calories.

10. Best For: A Versatile Low Calorie Healthy Side Dish

This Asian Style Noodle & Courgette Salad is here to answer your side dish dilemma. It will jazz up the plainest chicken breast, and goes equally as well with red meat or fish. It’s so tasty, you could eat it alone!

So there you have it. Some great recipes to see you through the festive season!

As an extra bonus, are you one of those people who were taught to always criss cross sprouts? Yeah, me too. Does it actually make a difference? I did a full experiment to see if crossing sprouts works. Check out the results!

Great products for the Christmas season!

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